Developing Urban Design Research with VINEX




Urban Design, Urban resilience, Architectural landscape, Architectural Design, Gentrification


During the mid-1990s and the first two decades of the 2000s, the Netherlands underwent a super zoning programme called VINEX to redevelop peripheral areas. The initial objective is to change to an urban landscape design project for high-density housing, favouring places that tend to be elitist. This research looks first at the evolution of VINEX on urban landscape design and then at how the recent NR development programme has sought to correct housing speculation. Finally, by comparing the objectives of VINEX and the NR programme, this research aims to highlight how land reclamation can also be achieved through new policies of green landscape and social inclusion and not only through land consumption, a peculiar characteristic of Dutch planning.




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Spennato, A., & Zurli, S. (2022). Developing Urban Design Research with VINEX. Journal of Mediterranean Cities, 2(1), 29–42.