About the Journal

The journal aims to link interdisciplinary human habitat studies in the EURO-MED region, from architecture and urbanism to regional planning, including the relationship between human-dominated and natural systems. It seeks to pursue the goals of multi-stakeholder operations such as SUDs, UfM Action Plans and more, towards resilient cities and sustainable social structures.

The growing needs to foster a deeper understanding of standards and emerging aspects in the region lead to the need for a scientific platform in which academics, professionals and stakeholders work together to deal with and take action to address the rising forces in our cities. Therefore, governmental and non-governmental organizations from different countries come together to lay the foundations and set pillars for achieving the goals and needs of today and tomorrow.

Accordingly, the journal provides science-led strategic insight and guidance for sustainable and resilient cities, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean regions. Topics draw on scientific knowledge and research to make regional policies and practices as future-proof as possible. The Schools of Architecture and Urbanism are considered as potential driving forces and hubs for the profound science-led transformation and integration in the region, and thus, the Journal aims to bring together schools of Architecture and Urban Studies from different regions, in one platform.