Designing Alternatives for Residential Apartments in Cairo Using Shape Grammars




Residential Privacy, Shape Grammars, Housing Design, Zoning of Houses


Through observation, it is noticed that the design solutions of the inner spaces of residential units in Cairo have circulation problems. These problems are represented in direct and indirect separation between different zones in apartments, whether private or semi-private. This is due to; reduced areas, site location, building policies, etc. Such problems obstruct resident’s way of everyday life, and their living quality. After introducing such problems, this paper proposes a set of shape-grammars rules that facilitate designers, through their process to produce a range of design alternatives for the same area. Shape grammars’ rules are set according to three aspects: a) required relationship between zones for Carians culture, b) building policies as a constrain, c) the given building area in different situations (attached to neighbours or free standing, etc.) That rule works as a design tool for any designer in Cairo to select the suitable alternative and facilitate his creativity through the process.




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Nassef, M., & Ibrahim, M. (2022). Designing Alternatives for Residential Apartments in Cairo Using Shape Grammars. Journal of Mediterranean Cities, 2(1), 15–28.