The scope of the journal includes original, peer-reviewed research contributions to architecture and urban studies on topics referring to cities in general, and the Mediterranean region in particular. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following themes:


Water and Land

    • Port-Cities
    • Coastlines Revitalization
    • Eco-Political Studies and Governance in Littoral Territories
    • Infrastructure and Mobility
    • Green-Blue Studies
    • Local and International Immigrations

Dwelling and Communities

    • Housing and Population Crisis
    • Adaptive and Responsive Housing
    • Gentrification Strategies
    • Social Housing and Affordability
    • formal and Informal Development

Heritage & Vernacular Studies

    • Heritage and Architecture
    • Heritage and the City
    • Regeneration and Restoration
    • Vernacular Concepts
    • Architecture and Neighbourhood Conservation

Environment and Sustainability

    • Architecture and Climate Change
    • Energy Efeciency and Thermal Studies
    • Arid and Semi-Arid Areas
    • Smart Architecture and Reselient Cities
    • Emerging Technologies in Urban Architecture


    • L.L. Programs for Architecture and Urban Design
    • Transformative Pedagogies and Regional Curricula